Leg Hair loss: Causes of hair loss on legs in men and Women, Treatment

When you hear hair loss, also known as alopecia, you typically think about losing hair strands. While this form of hair loss can be more visible, you may lose hair, including your legs, from nearly every part of your body.

Leg Hair Loss

Leg loss of hair is normal in both men and women with age. It could be time, though, for your doctor if you find huge quantities of hair dropping off your legs or if it occurs unexpectedly.

Causes of hair loss on legs

Leg Hair loss: Causes of hair loss on legs
Leg Hair loss: Causes of hair loss on legs

Hair loss happens as hair splits from the follicles, and follicles do not grow fresh hair. Your leg hair will grow thinner as you grow older and begin to fall out. This is particularly valid if your family has hair loss.

Alopecia areata is also inherited and is a form of hair loss disease. For alopecia areata, the immune system kills its own hair growth cells. Alopecia areata impacts the scalp most often in spots.

Body hair deficiency is called universal alopecia. Anterolateral leg alopecia indicates hair deficiency on the thighs and is found mostly on the front and outside.

The following signs and disorders can also cause leg hair loss:

  • Bad moving
  • Peripheral disorder of the artery (PAD)
  • Diabetes is a PAD risk factor
  • Eczema, psoriasis, or other skin disorders recurrent rashes
  • Thyroid disorders, in particular, hypothyroidism
  • infections of fungi
  • Infections of hair 
  • Extreme folliculitis
  • Changes of hormones 
  • Hypo physical Thyroid Disorders

Additional potential hair loss factors on the legs include:

  • Deficiencies in nutrition such as magnesium, zinc, and vitamin D
  • Usage with steroids
  • High tension rate
  • Tight pants or socks
  • Prescription drugs such as thinners for blood
  • a recent disease or big procedure

There are several causes of leg hair loss. If either of the underlying factors affects your leg fur’s loss, you are possibly still losing hair on other areas of the body. Any exceptions are the leg’s circumstances, like PAD in your knees or pressure from your clothes.

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Can losing hair on legs sign of Diabetes

Can diabetes cause hair loss on the legs?

On leg informs Medical News Today, diabetes will cause hair loss. Loss of hair on the legs is also known as alopecia. This is how the front (fore) and side (lateral) of the lower legs are noticeable. It is sometimes called peroneal alopecia.

Over time, damage to blood vessels due to diabetes may contribute to peripheral artery disease (PAD). In PAD, the fatty plaque builds up within the legs in the blood vessels. This affects blood supply and, thus, hair growth.

Other causes of hair loss on legs

Any other factors of hair loss on the legs include:

  • Friction because of tight clothes
  • Hair follicles contaminated or folliculitis
  • Nutritional shortcomings, such as iron or zinc absence
  • Pregnancy or menopause hormonal shifts
  • Latest disease or big procedure.


Can Leg Hair Stop Growing at a Certain Age

We all realize that having soon as we grow old is frightening, so we can’t avoid it. We also like the safe and voluminous hair somehow. Both these are gone in our later years, though. And it is necessary. And inevitable.

But did you realize that we do not just suffer hair loss on our heads? This can be achieved on our legs and even in certain areas of our bodies.

There are several explanations that an individual has hair loss. Of course, one point is that those undesirable hair issues you have in your early years won’t be forever.

Loss of hair on legs female and male

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Legs hair loss of male and female

Leg hair loss in both men and women can occur. Anterolateral leg alopecia is nevertheless found to be more common in males. One research reports that this disorder is present in around 37 percent of older men.

Doctors are not aware of the precise reasons and remedies for anterolateral leg alopecia. It’s known to be inherited, like other forms of alopecia.


Judgment and diagnose

A psychiatrist or dermatologist should see someone who is involved in hair loss on their thighs. A dermatologist is a professional in skin, hair, and nails.

A doctor or dermatologist will diagnose the cause:

  • Take a detailed medical background and take extra note of how soon the hair loss occurred and how long it persisted
  • examine the skin of the person with particular emphasis on his legs and other hair loss areas
  • Research hair of the person to identify signs of breakage and other harm
  • If required, order blood testing.

Treatment of hair loss on the legs

Leg Hair loss: Causes of hair loss on legs
Treatment of Leg Hair loss: Causes of hair loss on legs

The treatment for the lack of leg hair depends on the source. Hair will take many weeks to refill. Many of the potential hair loss remedies on your legs include:

  • Nutritional deficit supplements or nutritional changes
  • Injections of corticosteroids to stop inflammation
  • Finasteride (Prophecies) treatment for alopecia areata
  • Hormone substitution medications for hypothyroidism, such as levothyroxine (Synthroid)

When the doctor advises you to take over-the-counter hair loss medications, such as minoxidil (Rogaine), these cannot function on your leg region and may intensify any underlying symptoms.


When you meet with Doctor

While chronic disorders may induce leg hair loss, medical treatment could be needed for any underlying causes. See the doctor right away if the following signs accompany rapid leg hair loss:

  • Rash
  • Pain 
  • Endlessness
  • High inflammation
  • Accessible injuries
  • Infections
  • Skin cool to the touch
  • Loss of muscle


Many people can have hair loss without ever noticing it on their thighs. It is unlikely to be a reason for alarm because there are other signs.

Hair loss and other effects, though, may also be an indication of a more extreme health condition. Any disorders that may induce hair loss include thyroid, heart failure, and diabetes.

You should see a specialist if you worry about hair loss on your thighs. The doctor would focus on diagnosing and managing the problem.


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