12 Best Leg Workouts for Mass – Leg Routine to Build Muscle

Legs are like pillars of our body, and it is necessary to strengthen these pillars so they will be able to uplift body weight. When you want to build muscle, it’s required to add the best legs workout day for mass; diet and exercise are as important as they are for weight.

Best Leg routine for mass

The best leg workouts for mass to strengthen your legs, there are many others workouts and behavioral improvements that you can develop. For power, capacity, and exercise, strong legs are necessary.

It requires laborious preparation, concerted commitment, and an awareness of the different muscle groups and activities that should be prioritized within a mass training program to acquire strong legs. If you don’t train your muscles, your production of anabolic hormones is reduced.

The most potent factor that can accelerate your lean muscle-building capability is your anabolic hormones, composed of testosterone, the human growth hormone insulin, and IGF.

One of the validated ways to maximize the number of anabolic hormones that your body secrets are by compound exercises of full strength that operate on your body’s most extensive and most muscular muscle groups.

There is a strong connection between heavy weight lifting and a rise in essential anabolic hormones.

Best leg workouts to build muscle

Best Leg Workouts for Mass
Best legs exercise to build stronger muscles | Best Leg Workouts for Mass

In your lower body, two of the highest and strongest muscle groups in your body are (quadriceps and hamstrings). If you ignore these muscles, you cut short the capacity for muscle building.

This suggests that you will potentially be lower as a result because you exercise your upper body. Although your upper body has large muscle groups, such as your pectorals, lats, and rhomboids, your hamstrings and quadriceps are 2 of the five largest muscle groups in your body.

Since men often care about improving their chest, biceps, and abdominals, they sometimes ignore the leg’s day. In reality, this moves them farther away from their objective physique.

You need to complete one full leg strength day every week, even though your primary emphasis is on how your biceps, abs, and pectorals appear. This can be as simple as working in 5 squats and deadlifts with heavy sets.

If you want full performance, though, you have to blast with confidence and zeal through leg day, hitting your quads and hamstrings as you mean it! In the following segment, we are going to delve into the ultimate leg workout.

Importance of Legs workout for mass

Best Leg Workouts for Mass
Importance of legs exercise for you | Best Leg Workouts for Mass

Legs workout for mass is good for a healthy, toned body was still a sign of fertility. Today you will find that most people work to imagine and chisel their muscles.

Broad shoulders and six bundles have for a long time been an unofficial sign of physical beauty in men and women – with a wide bustle, fine waist, and a large booty.

While people prefer to concentrate only on certain areas of the body, harmony, and proportions are one of the core concepts of attraction and vitality. You probably skipped across a meme claiming that you never lose leg days. And that is real. This is true.

A body not pumped but with a good proportion of its structure is several times better than a buffered upper body with skinny legs which looks comical, in reality.

That’s why if you have saved a lot of days in your forearm, choosing the right mass leg training can be the ideal option for you. It obviously has the capacity to develop muscles as rapidly as possible.

Principles for right leg exercises for mass

Best Leg Workouts for Mass
Principle for legs exercise | Best Leg Workouts for Mass

Using the right leg exercises for mass

Aching the leg muscles with several validated muscle-building exercises is a smart idea. The large staples of your routine should be the joint movements such as the squat and deadlift. Then it would help if you threw in other high-intensity quadriceps and hamstring exercises.

The best leg exercises will consist of several different activities, such as the dumbbell lunge, dumbbell step-up, dumbbell Bulgarian split squat, dumbbell deadlift on a deficit, calf raises, weighted dumbbell squat hops, sumo squats, barbell lunges, machine leg curls, and leg extensions, apart from the staples, which are hands down the most important.

This is just the tip of the iceberg in your arsenal of future leg workouts! Remember: concentrate on challenging compound lifts for 80 percent of your effort.

Radical Overload

The idea of gradual overload for your leg exercises is one of the best techniques for improving your lean muscle-building capabilities. This ensures that you can reliably log your workouts from week to week and write down your weight and repeats.

This sets the stage for steady overload, guaranteeing that your legs are becoming more prominent and robust. Each exercise helps to make more improvements, and it will take hours.

Heavy Lifts on Compound Exercises. While you can feel hypertrophy and adapt to a rise in overload, you have to place a lot of excess on your leg muscles. This means that you ought to do significant leg movements, such as squatting,

12 Best leg workouts for mass

Best Leg Workouts for Mass
Best Leg Workouts for Mass | Best legs exercise | leg routine for mass

There are 12 best legs exercises for your body which is given below:

1. Calf Raises

This workout is comfortable and encourages the calf muscles in your lower legs to fatten up.

With your toes pointing forward and your abdominal muscles flexed, stand up straight somewhere flat. You can also use the front half of your foot to balance on a slightly elevated edge for an additional challenge.

  • Pick your feet up, like you’re trying to balance on the tips of your toes.
  • For a couple of seconds, stay in that spot.
  • Back to your original place gently.
  • Repeat as many times as is convenient.

2. Standing Calf Raises

(4 sets, 14-20 reps)

Set the calf raise machine to your height. With your toes pointing forward and your shoulders standing beneath the device’s pads, stand on the device. With your heels reaching above the edge, plant the balls of your feet squarely on the step.

Boost your feet as much as you can and exhale, feeling your calves bend. To return to your initial position, stop for a second, and lower your heels.

3. Leg presses

(4 sets of 8-10 reps)

The leg press can be a perfect support workout to add bulk to the quadriceps without loading the spine. However, there is no substitute for exercises such as squats and lunges. Many lifters will look at the leg press as a way to lift high.

Still, among those who lack foundational activity habits and strength frequently established from squatting, this often leads to knee and hip pain.

This needs a leg press machine or alternative workout equipment, so it can enable you to target those places that are otherwise difficult to work out of your legs.

With your feet flat on the press, sit down on the machine. Some equipment is built where you sit in a partly reclined position or even lie on your back.

Push the press with your whole foot away from you slowly and carefully while keeping your head and back secure. Don’t use the toes or heels.

  • Without bending your legs, hold them for a moment.
  • Slowly move the leg back down towards you.
  • Repeat as many times as is convenient.

4. Lunges

Excellent muscle-building activities are solo lower body exercises that include lunges, split squats, and all their variants. It has been demonstrated that unilateral training improves muscle stimulation and hypertrophy, allowing these fantastic exercises to integrate during primary bilateral strength practice and use as the day’s main lower body workout.

Unilateral movements such as lunges and split squats allow lifters to build symmetry, produce larger contractions, and sometimes control angles depending on the lifter’s anthropometrics.

  • For legs and buttocks, lunges are also healthy.
  • Get up and contract the muscles in your abdomen.
  • Shift forward one leg like you are stepping on.
  • Bend over as though you were going to kneel so that each knee is at an angle of 90 degrees.
  • To return to the initial posture, place weight back on your heel.
  • Repeat as many times as is comfortable on one knee.
  • On the other knee, repeat the exercise.

5. Dumbbell walking lunge

(3 pairs of 10-14 moves on either side)

Start with a hip-width posture that carries a dumbbell in each hand.

Place forward one leg, and bend your knees so that your hips are lowered. Plunge until the knee of your back almost touches the ground. To prevent damage, keep an upright stance, and avoid pushing your front leg below your toes.

Place the weight on the heel of the front foot and climb from the lunge. Repeat and change sides.


6. Leg extensions

(3 sets, 8-12 reps)

Place the load, sit on the machine you’re keeping your legs bent under the footpads, and place your hands on the sidebars. To prevent excessive tension on your feet, make sure that your upper and lower legs shape a proper 90 degrees. Hold your knees always parallel with your toes.

7. Romanian Deadlift

(3 sets, 8-12 reps)

It’s the best leg workout for mass when carrying a bar with your hands facing down at a hip level, maintain a shoulder-width posture. Curve your back, keep your head back, and gently bend your knees.

When you lower the bar, pull your buttocks back as much as you can. Although keeping your shoulders down, chest out, and your head facing ahead, keep the bar’s distance from your body.

Lower down the bar to around the knee’s level, then force the hips up, and then return to the previous position.

8. Barbell Squat

(4 sets of 6-10 reps, after the first two sets, ease the burden)

It is the best exercise for your legs. Squats are a foundational exercise for virtually any lifter, whether the target is strength, mass gain, or endurance training.

The quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, spine, and center are efficiently affected by the squat. Squat programming for mass can come in various configurations, from higher intensity programs for lower volume to intermediate intensity to higher volume instruction.

On leg training days, squats can also be used as an additional movement. With your toes facing slightly outward, build a hip-width posture. Hold the barbell, shoulders up, and head facing forward, on the top of the trapezius muscles.

When pushing them outward and holding your back upright, bend your knees slightly. Hinge your hips, and you’ll move your knees forward. We ensure that the bar goes up and down in a straight line.

Hold the weight on the feet gently and step up to return to the original spot.


9. Belt Squat

(2-4 sets, 10+ reps)

As the angles resemble those of a front squat, this movement can also be used to help lifters add additional muscle mass to their quadriceps. This exercise is usually trained in higher quantities.

10. Lying leg curls

(3 sets of 8-12 reps)

Lie face down on the machine and put your feet, a few inches under the ankles, under the footpad. Hold the handle of the device, keep your body fat, and spread your thighs.

Curl your knees as hard as you can while you exhale by holding your upper legs on the pad. After curling your legs completely, stop for a second. Go back to the initial location when you inhale.

11. Lying Hamstring Curl

(2-4 sets of 12-20 repetitions)

It can be tricky to truly isolate the hamstring, as most deadlift versions also rely to an extent on the lower back and glutes. A perfect way to separate the hamstrings is the lying hamstring twist, which can be accomplished using a machine, resistance bands, cords, or sliders.

In larger volumes, this movement should be used to enhance muscle hypertrophy, boost blood supply to the muscles, and as a finisher after a successful day of deadlift or squatting. For 2-4 sets of 12-20 repetitions with a controlled pace with mild weights, consider incorporating this exercise at the end of workouts.

12. Pause Squat

 Hold the bar and walk under it. Squeeze together the shoulder blades and drive the bar out of the rack. Step back and stand at shoulder width with your feet and your toes pointed out slightly.

Take a deep breath and tuck your hips in, then bend your legs as much as possible to lower your spine without missing the lower back arch. When you descend, force your knees out. Keep down for two seconds in the lower position.

Tips on the best mass leg exercises

You may take a lot of time and work to reach your target, but some tips can render the whole method substantially better and more successful.

Stretches workout

Best Leg Workouts for Mass
Best Leg Workouts for Mass | Leg routine for mass

Just as it is necessary to carry out stretches before exercise, it is also strongly recommended that you stretch after training as part of the warm-up.

While you’ve had your strongest leg training for mass, it’s not time to relax, you certainly can stretch out. This avoids future accidents, decreases muscle strain, enhances blood supply, and strengthens the next preparation.

Still get warm

A warm-up is a vital aspect of every exercise. It lets the body plan for the next training and the likelihood of injury. A typical warm-up normally requires mild cardio to improve the blood pressure and pump your heart.

Improve the issue

There are no limits to physical exercise. You can try it out every day, anytime, at any age. However, when preparing a training, some things should be addressed.

These are your fitness and your well-being. Please check with your doctor before beginning your exercise if you have some condition or disability that is complicated by exercising intensely.

When it comes to your health, you have to realize how many workouts are right for you and how tough they are. You will need to start as a novice, but as time progresses, it’s simpler and easier to do the fitness routine.

You can need to change it at this stage by introducing more complexity to the current activities. You may raise or decrease the speed, add weights or increase the sets by inserting more repeats.


In all, you can still look for the right mix. A well-balanced diet will allow you to reduce, sustain or add weight (depending on your goal) and help you overall. A well-planned and healthy training incorporating all sections of the body would build your muscles, boost health, and make you appear proportionate and equally formed.

That is why you can never underestimate your leg workouts and enjoy your leg days in the workout center. And if you do have this strongest leg mass conditioning, you will have your legs raised and pump them in a really little time.

Bear in mind that intense physical exercise in certain situations may have unintended harmful results. It is necessary therefore to carry out all the exercises correctly and not fail to warm up and prolong the post-workout time.

Consult a consultant or make adjustments to the preparation schedule before introducing the different strategies.

Leg workout for mask and the other workouts is the most valuable thing about your life is your fitness, so don’t pressure yourself too hard. Keep strong to remain optimistic! Stay strong!


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