Which Food is Cool for Body | 10 Cold fruits for Body

by Dr. Suzanne Holroyd

Cold fruits for body

As winter has arrived and you are doing your best to keep your body warm for this purpose, you are mostly dependent on dry fruits, chicken soups, boiled eggs, and much more; as a result, excessive consumption of these ingredients, the body becomes dry and may also show allergic responses, and people mostly suffer from a headache due to over-consumption of dry fruits like peanuts, etc., so nature has arranged a system to neutralize the effects of these dry foods and provided with cold fruits to lessen the effects of warm food items.

It is suggested that you don’t eat fruits directly from the refrigerator, thinking that this will have cool effects. It is just your assumption. A balanced diet contains 100-200 grams of fresh fruits.

Which fruits are cold for the body

Cold fruits for body include


Cold Fruits For Body

Apple, Cold Fruits For Body

Apply is a Cold Fruit for Body Sup Yo! Snow White, don’t be afraid of red apples. These are not poisonous but are full of thousands of health benefits and are at the top of the list of beneficial fruits. Apples are famous for their fibrous nature. These also contain many other compounds like antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Antioxidants help eliminate free radicals from the body as free radicals cause cell damage due to oxidative stress.

As a result of cell damage, there is the formation of many cancerous cells and diabetes development, antioxidants including quercetin, catechin, phlorizin, and chlorogenic acid, are useful for the removal of these harmful free radicals. A diabetic patient mostly feels thirsty, so apples reduce these symptoms by lowering the content of free radicals, which causes diabetes and quench your thirst. 

Obese people always feel warm because of the extra layering of cholesterol, and cholesterol is an insulator. When cholesterol level increases, it causes heat in the body, so here apples are made to remove extra body fats and excrete out unwanted substances along with its fibers and keep your body cool.

Apple of medium size about 182g has 4.37g of fiber, which is a 13-20% daily requirement of an adult. 


Cold Fruits For Body

Banana, Cold Fruits For Body

Banana is also cold fruit for body. This sweet, packed fruit is a natural desert with cooling properties as it allows the body to absorb more water and keep your body cool because it contains an astringent known as tannin. So try this cold fruit for more chill out.


Pear is another fibrous cold fruit for body that has cool effects on the body. December is declared as National Pear Month by USDA. There are various varieties of pears, such as Bartlett or Williams Pear, Bosc Pear. Summer and winter pears are different, as these seasons are different from one another. Winter pears required 3-4 weeks of cold storage for their ripening. Winter pears are cultivated earlier, so they are not softened properly, and sweetness is less, but if they are picked too, their pulp becomes soft. 

How pear brings your body temperature down?

Pear contains Proteins, Fibers, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Potassium and Copper folate, Provitamin A, and niacin. Copper in pear is the compound that has a role in cholesterol metabolism, which gives a cool effect by lowering cholesterol levels or LDL. Pear contains polyphenols that act as an antioxidant and lower cell damage because of free radicals in the body.

Don’t peel off pear’s skin as it has an extra amount of polyphenols, which is almost 6 times higher than its pulp, and it also has more fibers, so if you want to add fibers in your diet plan for keeping your body cool, than don’t skip this important fruit. The level of sugar in the blood is directly proportional to body heat or body energy.

If you have diabetes, then there is an uncontrolled level of glucose in the blood, which may also increase body temperature, especially in type 2 diabetes, which is associated with fat storage and maybe because of obesity, so pear decreases all of these interlinked problems because it contains anthocyanin’s and high amount of fibers in its skin and has anti-diabetes effects. It also regulates blood pressure and keeps blood temperature at a normal rate. It also lessens stroke risk as it contains a high level of water and has low calories to reduce the extra fats of the body.


Cold Fruits For Body

Orange, Cold Fruits For Body

Orange is cold fruit for body. A juicy, cool effect strikes your mind whenever you hear just about the name of orange, then how much cooler this fruit is? Orange is a major source of Vitamin C. It is not wrong if we say that it is filled with a high level of water so what your body needs when it feels high temperature, the main requirements to keep your body cool are only these two, i.e., water and Vitamin C.

Moreover it also contains fibers which again lower the risk of LDL, control blood pressure and blood glucose level. Because of all of these properties, these are highly suggested for lowering the body temperature. That’s why these are consumed with peanuts in winters.


Cold Fruits For Body

Kiwi, Cold Fruits For Body

As its taste is so boring, but its a cold fruit for body if you want to keep your body temperature at a normal rate, you have a patch up with this Chinese gooseberry. This fruit has an equal amount of vitamin C as oranges and also have other components like Vitamin A, Vitamin K, Vitamin E, folates. Kiwi fruit contains copper, choline, magnesium, iron, manganese, chloride, and phosphorus. Also, it has very few calories and lower amounts of fats, so it helps eliminate extra body heat as much as possible. Benefits 


Cold Fruits For Body

Pomegranate, Cold Fruits For Body

Fruit with its crown not only contains vital compounds but also maintains body heat. When your blood pressure is too high, which may cause heart attack and stroke, then eat its juicy seeds because these have magical effects to control blood pressure, or you may try pomegranate juice as well, which prevents oxidation of LDL, lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes. You are more prone to fungal infections during winter, so that pomegranate can fight against various fungal infections. Drink its juice if you are a Gym Goer because it has dietary nitrates, which improves exercise performance and cools the body.


Cold Fruits For Body

Watermelon, Cold Fruits For Body

Watermelon is a best cold fruit for body. This heavyweight fruit is mostly seen during summer. You want to escape from the air-conditioned room after eating it because nothing has a cooler effect than this watery fruit. If your jaundice then eats a full medium-sized watermelon, then see the results. These will be magical because these full fill the requirement of water and keep you hydrated. But avoid water along with watermelon because it may cause those effects which will be deadlier.

Bangalore-based Nutritionist Dr. Anju Sood also advises against drinking water after eating watermelons. She says, “It can affect your gastrointestinal tract. Watermelon is mostly water, sugar, and fiber. Microbes or bacteria need water and sugar to develop and expand. So, if you drink water after having watermelons, there are more chances of the microbes spreading across your GI tract.”


cold fruits for body

Persimmons, cold fruits for body

Persimmons is cold fruits for body. It is famous as the Japanese fruit in some countries. These soft pulpy fruits have very cool effects on the body. This is a highly fibrous fruit and has no fats and is a better option to get healthy carbohydrates. There is no need to peel off its skin as it is much softer and is easily digestible. These fruits assist in weight loss and lessen the risk of diabetes.

 Are figs hot or cold for the body?

cold fruits for body

cold fruits for body

As figs are consumed mostly as dry fruits, over-consumption of figs causes a rise in body temperature, but a limited amount is extraordinary for keeping your body systems normal. As it controls blood pressure and is fiber-rich, has no fats, and contains just 47 calories, which is essential to remove extra body weight and prevent constipation. It lowers blood pressure in patients with hypertension.

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