How many Calories in a Chicken leg | Benefits & Diet Plan

Chicken leg piece is one of the most favorite parts of many of us. It consists of two portions one is the drumstick, and another is the thigh. As the name demonstrates that the drumstick contains calf muscles while the thigh is a fleshy portion.

How many calories in a chicken leg

Everyone wants this piece on their plates, but if you are on a weight loss program and conscious about your diet, you must know how many calories this piece has?

How many calories are present in this piece when consumed with other food items and how many calories are there when it is free of oil and other fatty ingredients. 

How many calories in rotisserie chicken

We will come to the chicken leg piece, but we have to know about the number of calories in Rotisserie chicken.

Number of calories in a rotisserie  chicken                          1,037 calories
carbohydrates                           0 gram
fats                           34 gram
Saturated fat                          10.4 gram
Monounsaturated fat                          13.7 gram
Polyunsaturated fat                            8.2 gram
cholesterol                            505 mg
fiber                            0 gram
Sodium (if salt is not added)                            451 mg

Fats obtain 30% calories. You may add lemon, and garlic-ginger paste during its preparation if you are eating it during your cheat day.

It can be stuffed with edible mushrooms and can be seasoned with soy sauces, preferably homemade soy sauces and mint sauce for making it healthier for your weight loss diet plan. Bell peppers and zucchini can be added to a cheat meal to overcome its heaviness. 

How can you confuse your strict diet plan for weight loss? Here we have some healthy tricks for your cheat day along with the right ingredients.

Pick up a low-calorie oil, specifically olive oil, for the preparation of rotisserie chicken. Marinate it with lemon juice, with your favorite probiotic, yogurt, add ginger-garlic paste, and don’t skip the addition of some spices like cumin, black pepper, cinnamon, cardamom, and black cardamom, which are necessary to increase metabolism.

Stuff your whole chicken with mushrooms, zucchini, and bell peppers, and don’t forget to add some carrots bunny!

How many Calories in a chicken leg
How many Calories in a chicken leg: Calories in a chicken legs

Add olive oil and Leave this marinated and stuffed chicken for about 12-24 hours in a refrigerator. Pre-heat your oven the very next morning, then cook it according to the standard method.

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If you are not facilitated with range, then you can get more your oven by putting medium-sized stones in a large silver pot covering the pot, and letting these stones become hot enough so this phenomenon will be similar to pre-heating than put any normal-sized flour strainer on these stones and put marinated chicken along with steel dish on it.

Cover the pot and wait for 1 hour; check out whether the chicken is cooked or not; if it is not cooked correctly, leave it for more minutes.

Be very careful during this procedure; otherwise, your body cannot bear the steam temperature. Chicken is ready to serve now to calculate the number of calories in a leg piece of chicken, which will let you be a carnivore because of its matchless taste.

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How many calories in one chicken leg?

How many Calories in a chicken leg
Calories in one chicken leg: How many Calories in a chicken leg

The chicken leg piece is moderately softer than other parts because it contains more fats.

How many calories in the chicken thigh?

The number of calories in a chicken thigh is mentioned below.

number of calories in a chicken thigh (52 grams)              109
Fat               5.7 gram
Carbs               0 gram
Protein               13.5 gram


Number of calories in a chicken thigh (100 gram)                209 calories
protein                 26 grams
fats                 10.9 grams

47% of calories are obtained from fats, and 53% are obtained from protein

How many calories in a Drumstick

How many Calories in a chicken leg
Calories in a Drumstick: How many Calories in a chicken leg

Now we will know the calories in another part of the chicken leg piece, which is the drumstick, as drum sticks have fewer calories than the thigh.

Number of calories in chicken drum stick (44 grams)                             76
Proteins                        12.4 grams
Carbs                          0 grams
Fat                         2.5 grams


100 grams of drumsticks have a number of calories                         172
Fats                      5.7 gram
Protein                     28.3 gram

These tables show that chicken is free of carbohydrates and is a less carb diet and is the best supplier of healthy proteins but avoids chicken skin to reduce the intake of more calories as it adds more calories and fats.

How many calories in the fried chicken leg

Fried chicken leg pieces have 431 calories in two-leg pieces, and these calories reduce to 290 in a single sample. Fried chicken drumstick contains about 200 calories, and Fresh Fried Chicken Leg Thigh has about 250 calories.

How many calories in fried chicken legs

How many Calories in a chicken leg
Calories in a fry chicken legs: How many Calories in a chicken leg

It is necessary to analyze your cooking method to avoid extra calories because the selection of oil affects the balance between intake and consumption of calories obtained from chicken thighs or any other piece.

Other added ingredients also affect the level of calories in chicken-like if you are not consuming chicken thigh, which is 52 grams without its skin. It will have just 109 calories, contrarily chicken thigh with the same weightage but fried in highly saturated oil, and the batter will contain about 144 calories.

Flour coating to make chicken thighs more crispy also adds many calories, i.e., 162. 170 g of chicken has 204 calories, and these are about 9% of routine calories for an active adult.

Grilled, steamed, and roasted chicken thighs have fewer calories, so these cooking methods should be adopted to keep your high calories at bay.

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How many calories in the grilled chicken leg

The specialty of grilled chicken leg piece is that it is juicy, well tenderized, and crispy. For attaining all these attributes, it should be appropriately marinated. 

Required Ingredients:

  • Garlic-ginger paste
  • Green chili paste
  • Parsley
  • Virgin olive oil
  • Vinegar
  • Lemon juice

All these ingredients add up extra benefits to your diet plan for weight loss as virgin olive oil protects against heart problems, lowers bad cholesterol or LDL, is best for blood vessels by improving its lining, and protects from blot clotting, and fightings against diabetes.

Who is unaware of the benefits of lemon for weight loss? The ginger-garlic paste helps control blood pressure. In simple words, if a grilled chicken leg piece carries extra calories, then these ingredients are helpful to overcome these extra calories. 

Grilled Chicken Leg-medium-size-with Skin, serving size 1 have 105 calories while Chicken Leg – Grilled without Skin, doing size 1 leg has 72 calories.

Further studies show that medium-sized chicken thigh has calories similar to: 

 1.5 glasses of milk

  10.5 cubes of sugar

  1.5 slices of bresat

  2 slices of cheese

  2.5 glasses of Coca Cola (220 ml glass)

  3.5 apples

Health benefits of the chicken leg

Chicken thigh has 13.5 grams of proteins equal to 26 grams of protein per 100 grams, so this is a good option for a healthy breakfast containing healthy proteins for weight loss.

Chicken legs are less expensive than chicken breasts, so you can easily buy these nutritious pieces from any nearby butcher’s shop.

These are good sources of many nutrients such as Zinc (Zn), Iron (Fe), and these compounds are necessary to improve the immune system.

When these are cooked with other vegetables, then their nutritious values increase up to a high level.

Chicken legs are full of collagen, so these fulfill our body’s collagen requirement.

These are protein-rich parts of the chicken, so they are essential for nail and hair health.

Drumsticks have calcium and phosphorus, so these help prevent bone injuries.

Chicken leg pieces obtain essential amino acids.

Chicken leg pieces are an excellent alternative to red meat.

Only two drumsticks are enough if you are following a diet plan for weight loss.

Selenium and phosphorus are essential minerals obtained from chicken leg pieces selenium is used to build many enzymes in a cell and are beneficial for thyroid glands and prevent blood vessel damage, and phosphorus regulates enzyme activity. It is a good source of various vitamins such as B-12, which is suitable for nerve cells.

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Chicken legs in diet 

Chicken leg pieces must be added to your diet plan, and it is good to eat these pieces in high proteinaceous breakfast because these are good sources of proteins.

These can be added to your breakfast by various methods, which include:

Slow- cooker chicken leg piece and honey glazed root vegetable.

Garlic-clove chicken leg pieces.

Sheet-pan orange –apricot drumsticks.

We grilled chicken drumstick with peach salsa.

Caramel- lime drumsticks with shaved celery salads.

Oven-baked chicken drumsticks with potatoes.


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