Kaolin Clay Mask for Skin, Benefits – How to use It

What do you think clay is only used for pottery?

Oh, no you are wrong, well it can be used for the treatment of damaged skin too, it is said that the main ancestor of human is made up of clay then how can we forget about clay’s benefits. Besides many other beneficial clays, one of them is kaolin clay.  

Benefits of Kaolin Clay

Kaolin Clay Mask for Skin
Kaolin Clay Mask for Skin

What is Kaolin clay and how it looks like: One of the Best Benefits of Clay with a soft silky texture mostly in white color but also present as green and pinks.

Whoa! It has miraculous properties for any skin type but especially for oleaginous Skin. Make a kaolin mixture with any best cleanser and apply it to your moist face.

Kaolin Clay Mask for Skin
Kaolin Clay Mask for Skin

The following are some benefits of kaolin clay

  • Smoothly cleansing skin (extra-ordinary for sensitive skins)
  • Effective for oily skin
  • Pacify sensitive and scratchy skin
  • Effective weekly acne treatment
  • Exfoliating skin and removing dead cells and scaly, dry skin
  • Improving skin elasticity and act as anti-aging
  • Reducing skin vexation such as rashes, insect bites
  • Clarify and remove toxins from the pores, removing filth, smut, tainting, microbes, etc.

Smooth cleansing of the skin

As Kaolin’s texture is soft so it gently cleans skin instead of harsh scrubbing because dealing with your skin harshly may cause acne.

Effective for oily skin

Kaolin Clay Mask for Skin
Benefits of Kaolin Clay Mask for Skin

You slept with sweet dreams, but awaken with nightmare oily droplets all over the face, Yikes! .Having oily skin is itself not a bad experience but it’s a common proverb that excess of everything is bad. So here is one solution go to your washbasin apply kaolin mixture on your damp face and get rid of this oil spill.

Clean sensitive and scratchy skin

Kaolin Clay Mask for Skin
Kaolin Clay Mask for Skin

If anyone has sensitive and scratchy skin apply kaolin and forget about all sensitivity.

Weekly acne treatment

As it is told earlier that excess of everything may be worst so kaolin treatment should be once a week.

Exfoliating skin

Kaolin Clay Mask for Skin
Kaolin Clay Mask for Skin

It is necessary to eliminate old and dead cells to make a place for new fresh cells and the best exfoliation can be done through a kaolin face mask.

Act as an anti-aging agent


It enhances skin elasticity and prevents the aging process 

Reducing skin Soreness and inflammation

Honey bee doesn’t get appointments it can set a meeting with you anytime when you wake up for any event but don’t worry about it put a pinch of kaolin in a small pot mix it well with some drops of water and apply on the swollen portion then see the results.

Clarify and remove toxins from the pores

It removes all types of undesirable substances from the skin and makes it neat and clean.

Perfect Shampoo

Kaolin Clay Mask for Skin
Kaolin Clay Mask for Skin

When you were a child, played with mud, and filled your head with slud there may be more chances that you had beaten by your mom.

But unfortunately that time she didn’t know the benefits of white kaolin clay which may be proved as a flawless shampoo for your hair. You may also add an egg yolk to the kaolin mixture and take a warm shower.

Natural Deodorant

Kaolin Clay Mask for Skin
Kaolin Clay Mask for Skin

Have you ever drove crazy by moist clay’s fragrance when it was the first rain of summer? The same is the case for Kaolin it may also act as a natural deodorant and eliminate the bad odor of underarms without any severe and hard chemicals.


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