How Psychological effects of being lied can ease your pain

How do you deal with being lied to in a relationship? Lies are more horrible than ghosts and when these start to seek their place in a relationship then these become more terrifying than any other mishap in someone’s life.

Psychological effects of being lied to in a relationship

Relationships are only built upon trust and faith and when these two ingredients of a powerful relationship flew away the death of the soul of the relationship occurs and the rest is just a combination of skeleton and flesh.

Being wildly honest and straightforward is sometimes cruel but not more than sweet lies because these lies have long-lasting effects on your relationships.

How lies affect your health?

Psychological effects of being lied to
Psychological effects of being lied to

The lie is the root of all sins because one lie leads to another lie to hide the previous one.

It is equally harmful to both persons; the one who lies and the person who is being lied to and both have severe and harsh psychological effects some of these are discussed here which include:

Increases stress level

When someone lies it is just like diving into a pool of stress and face a continuous depression because of the fear of an explosion of truth because a lie is footless, doesn’t have strong bases, and cannot sustain for a longer period.

This continuous depression leads to many other problems like hair fall, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, hormonal imbalance, weak immunity, and the list goes on because of the secretion of unhealthy, stressed hormones.

Increases the risk of heart attack

Lies increase the risk of heart attacks in both victims who lies and who is being lied because when a person who lies remains in constant depression it increases their blood pressure and this high.

Blood pressure leads to heart attacks while on the other hand when truth strikes in front of the persons who are being lied it may be a major cause of sudden heart attack in a victim.

Hormonal imbalance

Women are innocent creatures on earth who are mostly being lied to and experienced more stress levels which cause hormonal imbalance.

That’s why they have more tendency towards mood swings, weight gain, fatigue, PMS. These symptoms often lead to infertility in females.

Renal failure

The lie is all about the game of mind when you lie to someone you try to play with his/her mind and when that person finds the truth about you.

It will increase the secretion of stress hormones in the person to overcome that sudden trauma but over secretion of this hormone may also cause kidney failure.

Moreover cortisol, a stress hormone also increases blood sugar level which exerts extra pressure on kidneys and leads to kidney damage.

Psychological effects of being lied to Partner

How lies affect your psyche?

Here is some Psychological effect of lied which is affected to the relationship.


When you find out that your partner is hiding something from you and making lame excuses then you think about all possible bitter truths and cannot find yourself sleepy, so lies badly affects your sleep quality or may cause lack of sleep.

Lowers your confidence level

Fake praising about you lowers your confidence level and you are not capable of accepting the weaknesses you have and you become more insecure


Everyone feels possessiveness about their loved ones but when your spouse starts making lies it will affect your psyche more dangerously and you become overprotective.

Builds up trust issue

A relationship without trust is like a hollow vessel without blood and lies are anti-trust pills that kill any relationship, no matter how strong and how beautiful it is, and is a reason for building up trust issues between spouses.

Lies create misunderstandings

Tiny mini white lies create misunderstandings in the person who is being lied to and give false impressions about anything which may be harmful to a victim of lies.

Unawareness about the real problem

When you lie to someone he/she become uninformed and unaware of actual issues and is not be able to resolve any problem.

What are the 5 signs that someone is lying?

Every criminal leaves his footprint at the crime spot similarly a liar also gives some indication through which he can be caught red-handed

Liars make eye to eye contact. Eye to eye contact is an important part of any communication but it goes wrong when a person tries to hide the truth.

5 common signs that someone is lying

Repeated sentences are the most common part of liar’s communications and the most repeated words they use are “Swear to God”.

They are more fluent than normal while lying to someone.

They shook their head quickly.

They start to make lame stories and adds irrelevant details in their answers and sometimes their answers are too short and one cannot understand them properly.

How do you deal with being lied to in a relationship?

Don’t be over possessive

Many people around us advised us not to be overprotective of that liar but it is not that much easy as it sounds.

Be possessive and say to him yes! You are mine but don’t be cheesy as the other person becomes uncomfortable with you and tries to stay distant.

When you adopt this behavior the other person will tell truth by himself and will realize that you will never overreact to the truth.

Don’t be over-reactive

If you are not a Drama Queen at all then this is more advantageous for you as well as for your partner.  There is no need for lies when you have the guts to listen to the truth and you don’t overreact when you listen to any harsh truth.

Most people are afraid of the overreaction of their partner that’s why they lie and hide the truth from them which leads to more complications in a relationship.

So close your eyes, take a deep breath, accept the truth, smile and move on because bitter truth is better than sweet lies.

Tell them you are with them

Tell your partner that you are with her/him in any situation no matter how difficult it will be? Hold their hands and make them feel secure so they will be able to tell any type of truth.

Don’t ask about the truth

Let them feel free so it will don’t give them a sensation of being investigated. Don’t ask about the truth repeatedly as it can make them aggressive and they will find you as a jailer.

Why are people telling lies?

  • Do not feel guilty to stop a bad result
  • Feel better and be recompensed
  • Respect or admire other people

Fitzgerald says deception sometimes begins with those little white lies, which we rationalize as inoffensive.

“Some people might characterize a ‘hazardless’ lying as being unlikely to be a repeated relationship and not a significant one,” Fitzgerald says.

“But people say white lies and they say other lies for the same simple reasons, and the findings could be identical. Even white lies will lead to an evil loop.”

Why Children are people telling lies?

There are four reasons children’s telling lie:

  • “We understand that deception is appropriate when a child learns a parent lies to get out of a social commitment,” says Fitzgerald.
  • Lying children can lie to escape the wrath or disapproval of a parent. “We learn to lie when a child realizes that the price of honesty is too great,” warns Fitzgerald.
  • Children learn to deceive even as substitutes are not taught. Children must be shown how their emotions should be conveyed safely.
  • Another explanation for children lies: if they are not offered adequate recognition or acknowledgment at home, they can attempt to draw attention.


Early in life, people learn to say lies. Lying children can follow their parents’ examples or lie in order to prevent the wrath of their parents. And white lies can form habits. And it’s true – honesty is much healthier in the long run and will lead to a longer life. You will escape the lying physical and emotional tension.


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