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The Essential Guide to Mental Health treatments

In today’s day and age mental illnesses are becoming more and more common all age groups, gender, and types of people are prone to mental health issues and they can all seek treatment for these issues to resolve them.

The barrier to Mental Health Treatment

barrier mental health treatments
barrier mental health treatments

Mental illnesses are much harder to notice and diagnose because they are not as easily spotted as normal diseases. In the olden times, people would not recognize that they had a mental illness at all.

However as more and more awareness in people regarding mental health issues and how to deal with them. As the research into mental illnesses started showing compact and decisive results treatment plans were drafted to deal with the spread of these mental health problems.

However, the problem with mental health treatments is that no matter how decisive the diagnosis of the diseases might be the treatment may vary from person to person and the chances of it working in mild cases of mental illness are almost 50% So there are no particular treatments that work for all kinds of mental diseases.

Here are the popular treatment plans for different kinds of psychological disorders and diseases that may work the best:


Psychotherapy is one of the most common forms of treatment. It explores the patterns in behavior, thoughts, and feelings in an intimate session with a professional medical practitioner.

 The therapy is meant to reveal things that the individual might not be addressing in their day to day life that might e contributing to mental health issues.

Psychotherapy that is paired with the right medication is supposed to be the best treatment plan for most illnesses. Examples of psychotherapy include Exposure Therapy, Cognitive behavior therapy, Dialectical Behavior therapy.


barrier mental health treatments
barrier mental health treatments

Medication is the definitive treatment with physical illnesses and abnormalities, however, for mental health treatment, medication is not the best way to cure the psychological issues in an individual.

This is because behavior is a product of multiple internal and external components like thoughts, feelings, environments, habits and until there is a radical change in the patterns of these factors there will be very little change in the state of the individual’s mental health.

Besides, medication can also lead to dependency much faster in a psychological disorder then a physical one.

Case Management

This is a more personalized treatment plan for the dangerously depreciating mental health of an individual. It is a case that is handled by a medical practitioner who will take up the case and prescribe alternative treatment plans for the complete recovery or at least to achieve progress in the person’s state of mind.


This is a mental health treatment that is normally recommended for extreme cases. The treatment is simply designed as a better monitoring system that ensures that regular treatment whether therapeutic or medicinal are being taken and the sufferer is showing progress by the treatment that is being carried out. This can also be the case for individuals who need immediate medical attention when their mental health worsens.

Support Group

barrier mental health treatments
barrier mental health treatments

As a part of mental health treatment support groups are designed to make people feel that they are not alone in their mental health issues. Feeling alienated along with going through psychological turmoil is seen is a recipe for worsening psychological state of mind.

This is why it is important that the sufferer feels like other people are going through the same thing and maybe they can even learn from each other’s experience of dealing with mental health issues.

This treatment is carried out by nonprofessionals who have similar behavioral; patterns or mental issues that sit together and share their experiences.

Complementary and Alternative Medication

CAM is a form of treatment that is prescribed apart from the general mental health treatment plan. This is designed to either control the mental health issue or to enhance the treatment so that there are faster and better results from the specific treatment. They do not necessarily have to be medication; additional treatment practices can also be prescribed that will ultimately speed up or improve the treatment process.

Self-Help Plans

This is a unique sort of mental health treatment plan that is designed to equip the individual to take care of their mental health problems and make sure that they are noticing their trigger and warning signs. This is a plan that is prescribed for minor mental health issues or is an additional treatment that people can carry out so that they are not entirely reliant on medicine and therapy. Self-help plans are essentially designed so the individual can address their recovery and wellness.

Peer Support

This is a treatment plan that is designed to introduce two individuals who have been through a similar experience and let them treat each other’s mental health issues by addressing each other’s trigger points, behavioral patterns, etc. This is designed to make the sufferers feel like what they are going through is not just something they absolutely can overcome but also something normal.

Other Treatments

As mentioned earlier Psychological issues are unlike the physical ones and are designed to cure an illness with many varying factors that may contribute to this illness.

These factors too may differ from person to person. Therefore, there are treatments like art therapy, physical activity like yoga to relax your muscles or boxing to redirect your frustration.

However, another popular mental health treatment that is not mentioned in our list is the ECT or electroconvulsive therapy. The minimum scientific backup regarding this treatment and the unknown side effects of it makes this treatment not so popular with modern practitioners However, it is still sued for extreme cases.

The reason why this treatment does end up working sometimes is unknown and there is still extensive research that is being conducted to determine the effects of ECT on the human brain and body that it produces a change in human behavior and thought-process.

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