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To understand the term Immunity is not as simple as “a piece of cake”. Immunity is a complicated system that describes someone’s ability to fight against harmful agents these agents may be pathogenic microbes or any other factors like venom etc. Signs of Strong Immune System and the main duty of the immune system is to protect against various infections. The occurrence of few infections during lifetime ensures that the immune system is strong enough to give responses against problematic signals, but if the immune system forgets to be switched off it may be more problematic and causes allergies and other autoimmune diseases. A strong immune system is a guarantee of a person’s health.

Main functions of the immune system:

The immune system identify and counterpoise the detrimental stuff from surroundings. The immune system is a source to fight against unfavorable agents that can be damaging to our body and as a result, causes deadlier changes in the body. It is able to fight against pathogenic microbes like bacteria, viruses, parasites like fungi and eliminate them from the body. It combats against cancerous cells.

Functions of the immune system are not constant around the lifetime these are different at different life stages.  Innate and adaptive immune systems are not fully grown at the time of birth. But gradually the immune system faces a huge number of harmful substances from the environment while the lack of experience of the immune system causes more exposure to many infections in childhood in contrast with youngsters. At each exposure to the pathogenic infections, the adaptive immune system becomes more and more strong and well modified. But when maturity strikes at the middle ages immune system also becomes matured and is more vigorous at this stage.

The main function of the immune system is to provide safety and protection against several pathogenic microbes which may prove as body monsters, making the body more vulnerable to infections, but the immune system act as a security guard when it is performing its functions properly pathogens can’t enter into the body. A person should know the obvious signs of a strong immune system

10 Signs of Strong Immune System

These are top signs of strong immune system that a person have:

  1. Itching is a good indicator of the strong immune system

When any poisonous insect stings there will be red, herky-jerky tingling which shows that the immune system is on duty. So don’t worry about this irritating reaction of the body to a mosquito bite.

  1. Flu or Fever

If you are getting fever or flu, these are indicators that your body is exposed to the virus or any other microbe so take precautionary measurements to avoid further illness drink enough fluids to eliminate pathogenic viruses or bacteria and when you recoup from flu it indicates that your immune system has done its job efficiently.

  1.  Proper sleep

If you snore it will be uncomfortable for others but it is good for you if you sleep well at night. If you are getting adequate sleep it means your immune system is powerful when you are sleeping immune system is responsible to induce the secretions of cytokines which is a protein this tiny protein has a role to stimulate tiredness which induces to get a powerful zizz. The amount of cytokine is increases when you are under stress or if you are suffering from any type of infection.

  1. Response to food poisoning

In food poisoning, you may encounter with diarrhea which is last longer for 3 days and has a high fever and blood containing urine. It is necessary to vomit for the removal of toxins that can be intake through poisonous toxins, antiperistalsis process is responsible to induce vomiting. Food poisoning may be because of bacteria, viruses, and parasites and when the immune system is strong it quickly gives a response against this. But excessive vomiting leads to dehydration too which is deadlier in most of the cases. This immune response is a signal that you have to visit your doctor immediately.

  1. Response to allergens

Effective responses against many allergens show that the immune system is working efficiently to fight against external agents. These allergens include various food products too, like dairy products, beans, and legumes, fish, gluten-containing products besides these food allergies other allergies include pet allergy, dust allergy, insect allergy, mold allergy, sinus allergy, and pollen allergies, etc.

  1. You can maintain stress levels easily

If you are good enough to cope up with any sudden trauma then don’t worry about your immune system it is working properly. Stress is actually not a disease itself it is a body’s reaction to any pressure. When a body sense any danger automatic responses quickly activated and makes you more focused, energetic, and alert in emergency situations stress is life savior by giving strength to protect against any accident by releasing stress hormones. And when you are able to manage these stress levels it is a sign of a strong immune system.

  1. Production of Antibodies

When a body is attacked by an antigen strong immune system instantly starts the production of antibodies.  Antibodies are specific proteins that bind with antigens. Further lymphocytes demolish these pathogens.

  1. Sudden Weight loss

In some cases, sudden weight loss may act as a diagnostic parameter and is evidence that the body is going through a severe illness or sickness and the immune system is showing responses to that unknown disease.

  1. Fatigue is a sign of a functional immune system

Fatigue shows that body needs treatment if your body feels tiredness it demonstrated that the immune system is working to combat Anemia, Cancer, Acute liver failure, emphysema, insomnia, and other heart diseases.

  1. Emergence of pimples

Oh, it’s a nightmare for many girls what if when you have yeast or bacterial infections inside your skin it will be worse than just having a pimple. If pimples do not appear there will be no indication of any infection so these immediate responses of the immune system are necessary because what will your reaction if you come to know at the very last stage of any disease like cancer or other chronic infections so initial prevention can only be taken after disclosure of primary symptoms of any disease.


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