The Best Health Benefits of Clay Pots | Mud Pots

Back in the Stone age when there was no concept of pots, cavemen cooked their food directly by hanging food on fire but when time passes man start to thinking about civilization and invented pots, and then technology came, and now even electrical pots are also available.

But it is healthy for us to eat in electric pots it is revealed that immune system of our ancestor was more powerful than ours now human beings can die even from flu and more exposed to various deadlier diseases this may be either due to more power strains of microbes and their resistance against human’s immune system or it may be our negligence that we are recklessly following this technology war which made us weak.

The benefits of clay pots?

So return to nature will assist to make us vigorous. For this purpose firstly move towards clay pots. Because when our body can’t gain enough minerals in this polluted modern zone. Some clays from clean sources of many rocks can be obtained which will enhance the intake of various rare minerals.

Why clay pots are Beneficial?

A good supplier of nutrients

Health benefits of clay pots
Health benefits of clay pots

Some nutritionists suggested that clay pots supply essential fuel molecules e.g., calcium, phosphorous, iron, magnesium, and sulfur to food, and these are valuable for the body’s nourishment.

Clay is alkaline and when food is cooked in this clay it will bring down the acidity of food and make it neutralized and digestible.

A very little amount of cooking oil is used in clay pots, as a result, food that is cooked in this way is lower in fat than the food that is prepared in other metallic pots.

Retain nutrients

Health benefits of clay pots
Health benefits of clay pots

Modern pottery is glazed usually with Pb. When acidic food is in contact with that glazed surface it will contaminate the food. If you want to start cooking in clay pots, so avoid glazed pots and try to cook in an unglazed pot.

Micronutrients present in the food will not break down and never loses their characteristics when cooked in low pressure and moderate temperature. And food will be nutrient-rich.

As the earth has different vitamins and minerals and clay pots that are synthesized with that clean clay have similar characteristics. So these supplements are enough for our well-being and fitness.

Health benefits of clay pots

Boost up metabolism

Health benefits of clay pots
Health benefits of clay pots

One of the best health benefits of clay pots, when this world is full of plastics everywhere which contains BPA to avoid this carcinogenic material clay pot, is best to increase metabolism, bring down body testosterone level, and upgrade digestion.

Eliminate Gastric Acidity

Health benefits of clay pots
Health benefits of clay pots

Health benefits of the use of mud pots as discussed earlier clay pots have an alkaline character so it sustains Ph of the body as the human body is acidic so clay pots are helpful to eliminate gastric acidity

Natural Water Cooler

The Main Benefit of clay pots Is used as natural water cooler. Clay pots have a porous texture which will adjust the temperature of water according to the surrounding climate give normally chilled water which is good for the body’s optimum temperature. So you can avail of this opportunity at a very cheap cost.

When water is stored in a clay pot then vaporization occurs. This evaporation causes a cooling effect of water and gains energy from the environment and vapors are formed then these vapors mixed with air then water seeps out of the porous clay pot and gets energy again evaporated and becomes cool.

Eliminate sunstrokes

Health benefits of clay pots
Health benefits of clay pots

One of the benefits use of clay pots during summer it is common to have sunstroke. Clay pot refines glucose level in blood and protects from sunstroke.

Remedy for sore throat

Health benefits of clay pots
Health benefits of clay pots

Refrigerated water proved as prickle to sore throat and to the people who are suffering from respiratory aches. In this miserable condition clay pot’s chilled water is ideal to extinguish thirst.

Micaceous clay pots should be preferred. Mica is a natural insulator and in these pots, water retains its cooling effect.

Add more flavor to food

Once you taste that muddy flavor of cooked food in mud pots you will never like electrical microwaved foods.

Don’t leave your clay pots unclean as algae and fungi in the presence of moisture can be easily grown on them so it is necessary to keep them clean and refill fresh water.



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