Why PUBG should be banned

Mental Health is dominant over every health because when someone is frustrated he adopts wild behavior. Even a mini headache can covert one’s cheerful mood into morose expressions.

Because the brain takes charge of the whole body, design a road map for its proper functioning and bring changes into the body according to its mood. A new generation is constructive but they are destructive too. They are becoming more and more violent day by day.

Where this violence came from?

It’s a violence of their minds due to constant pressure on the mind. In various countries, it is becoming worsens every day. How can we cope- up with these brutal actions?

By giving attention to the mental state of this generation while they are more productive creatures on this planet. Action-Adventure Game! Yes, these are the games where these have some social interests but adverse effects are more.

One of the most popular Action video games of this era, exactly you are thinking right It is one and only PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds). After giving battle to the vulnerable minds in their homes what are you thinking they will become soldiers in this way then this thinking is wrong because when they sit idle 24/7 in a dark room and they become addicted, so from an addicted person what are you expecting they will be able to fight in a battle Alas! Then this is just a lame excuse.

Firstly it is understood when you play any game you need to sit for a long time and at this stage lot of research has proved that sitting for a long time reduces your life according to time dilation theory.

“Relative velocity time dilation” where time moves slower as you move faster. As there were twinsies, One day one twin lift-off in a spaceship, the speed of that spaceship was equal to the speed of light, and another twin was on Earth. When the space-travelling twin returns to Earth, she’s only older a couple of years, but she’s shocked to find that her Earth-bound sister has aged over a decade.

So this example is clearly showing if you want a longer ever-green life you have to move. Another disadvantage of sitting for too long for a video game is you are accumulating unburnt fats under your vital organs. Which will make you obese.

Obesity will cause hypertension. Sometimes you are enough scatter-brained that you forget to switch on the light while playing PUBG or other games like this and unknowingly you are destroying your eyesight because when the screen is bright and the room is dark you will stare constantly and less blink then your eye become dry and causes vexation.

It’s a fact that people become addicted to PUBG in most of the countries during the COVID-19 pandemic under lockdown especially youngsters and their behavior is going to be more offensive towards their family members by playing this violent game which causing violence of their minds because of hypertension as we have discussed earlier the relation between game obesity and hypertension.

As it is discussed again and again that people are becoming obsessed with this adventure game and they want to play it before every sleep. Well, we always listen to our elders that before sleeping you have to read any soothing writings, a fairy-tail book, and mind relaxing and creative information.

But who is getting creative information and enhancing their creative skills while playing this aggressive game? They are only disturbing their circadian rhythm. When you are not getting enough sleep you will be going through the worst condition and will get a lot of diseases as a gift of this non-sense behavior towards your health.

Now it’s up to you and your health responsibility neither on your parents nor any state. You are responsible for your health.

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