Top 13 Different Types Benefits of Push-Ups & Their types

Benefits of Push-Ups

Whenever we think about exercise Push-Ups always hit our mind because it is easy to exercise and can be done at home without luxurious gym equipment. X Number of pushups gives strength to the upper body and core.

It is hard to exercise for beginners as almost all beginners are overweight and in this exercise, upper body muscle contracts, and females feel difficulty because they don’t have enough power in their upper body or in their biceps and triceps.

But if someone is enthusiastic along with patience so he or she can fulfill this difficult task for this purpose you should be mentally prepared and don’t be exhausted if you are facing hurdles. You may take start with wall push-ups which are helpful for those people who have less strength in the upper portion of their body.

Push-ups on the wrist may be problematic for some people so look for a physical therapist and for this therapist will suggest dolphin pushups that are performed with the help of forearms rather than hands. If you are facing any major injury then avoid any hard exercise.

Benefits of Doing Push-ups Every Day

Benefits of doing pushups every day
Benefits of doing pushups every day

Generally, push-ups are performed to strengthen the upper body like to build up the triceps, pectoral muscles, and shoulders. This exercise is beneficial enough for the lower back and core by contracting abs muscles.

It’s a quick exercise to build up stamina without any gym tools. You can add this exercise to your daily routine and after this addition, you will examine a significant power in the upper body. Each and every muscle is activated by standard push-ups and is necessary for the toning of muscles.

In the beginning number of push-ups should not be increased this number can be expanded gradually and this whole procedure should be consistent.

First of all, make a plan that how many push-ups you can perform in a day take a start with a lower number then increase the number along with the increment of days.

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How to do Push up


Top 13 Benefits of Push-ups

Enhance Stamina

When you bend on the floor think once which muscles you are engaging in this exercise you will find out that these muscles are biceps, triceps, core muscles, and lower body muscles when all of these muscles can be engaged by a single exercise then what else you want? Simply push-ups may increase the stamina of multiple muscles.

Increase the Flexibility of Muscles

While doing push-ups you will feel that biceps, triceps and lower muscles are stretching slightly when you bend back muscles will stretch and when you come back to the starting point biceps will stretch completely so it is proven that push-ups increase flexibility making you good looking along with protection from injuries.

Improves Heart Health

When your cardiac system is healthy and you are getting fresh oxygenated blood to every tissue of the body then it is more than enough. For maintenance of the heart, healthy push-ups are a good option to provide strength to cardiac muscles.

Reduces Body Fat

When every muscle is engaged by doing this exercise then the metabolic rate will also increase which will reduce the storage of fat.

Increase Human Growth Hormone

At earlier ages enough amount of HGH is released, afterward, the production of HGH is declined and the growth of muscles is almost stopped push-ups stimulate the production of HGH which leads to normal muscle growth.

Strengthen the Pectoral Muscles

The rotator Cuff joint can be strengthened by traditional push-ups as its flexibility will increase the chances of injuries will be lower and reduced in other words the number of push-ups is inversely proportional to injuries.

Attractive Body Posture

No matter how beautiful you are? Your beauty can be destroyed by a hump-shaped posture besides these looks wrong body posture may destroy your back health and make you look older than your actual age but don’t be worried push-ups are available 24/7 to make you look more attractive and charming body posture.

Protective Against Lower Back Injuries

Push-ups are one of the exercises which provide strength to the lower back muscles and increase their flexibility due to an increase in the plasticity of muscles providing protection against injuries to this delicate body part.

Time Savior Exercise

In this fast and furious world survival is not possible if you don’t consume your time properly and it is much more difficult to spare time for you in this situation push-up is one of the best alternative exercises to save time and keep you healthy and fit because it only takes almost 5-10 minutes.

No Need for a Trainer

There is no need for any specific trainer to perform this exercise you can do this exercise easily only by watching internet videos about this exercise.

Free of Cost Exercise

Is money required just for push-ups? Do you want to waste your money on an expensive gym membership if you have a nice opportunity to keep you fit and it engages multiple muscles of the body?

The answer is a big NO so if no equipment is required to execute this work out then there is no need for a gym membership and to get rid of other gym expenses.

Enhance the Release of Testosterone and Lessen Osteoporosis Development

Traveling towards old age the production of numerous hormones declines for men there is a reduction of testosterone and in women, there is the development of osteoporosis which is mainly a joint problem push-up increasing the circulation of testosterone and lowering the risk of osteoporosis.

Increase Bone Density

The main advantage of push-ups is the enhancement of bone density which means bones become strong and are less flimsy and fragile.

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Benefits of Push-ups for Females

Push-ups for females
Benefits of Push-ups for females

Push-ups are specifically beneficial for females who have saggy upper arms as females have low levels of testosterone that’s why females have excessive arm fats rather than men.

Push-ups help to tone their upper arms by the contraction of the triceps. This exercise can be done without any gym tool so this is especially more advantageous for housewives because they have to look after their children and have no spare time for the gym.

Advantages of Pushups
Advantages of Pushups

Push-ups provide power to pectoral muscles and make your shoulders more strong don’t be exhausted if you are a beginner this exercise will also help to improve your patience level don’t rush towards fast and hard push-ups take small steps then go towards higher gradually in this way you will feel much better and will never be frustrated.

Females are more enthusiastic to be zero-sized than men so there is no better exercise than push-ups for girls, by doing this exercise you may increase heart rate in return it will increase blood circulation and enhance the metabolic rate as a result sweating will start which is necessary to eliminate toxins from the body and to lose extra body weight.               

For this exercise, you only have to be mentally prepared and nothing is needed except mental willpower even you can do push-ups at any place or any sport it doesn’t require a specific location.

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Different Types of Push-ups for Females

Wall Push-ups

As the name is indicating that wall is used as a tool in this type of push-up and it is mostly performed by beginners for this purpose put your palms on a wall moderately broadened than your shoulder width, propel your legs out then straighten and extend your body until you are standing on your toes.

Push yourself forward towards the wall with the help of your hand then come back to the starting position, hey! Thumbs up now you are done with your one complete push-up.

Girl Push-ups

If any female is a beginner so she can make a start with half push-ups which are also famous as girl push-ups. Put your knees on the ground or mat then bend yourself on the ground and you should be in a normal push-up posture here is just a difference for beginners in that they have the assistance of their knees for keeping them balanced when you are comfortable with this relaxation then you should go for standard push-ups

 Ballistic Pushup

These push-ups are related to the force of gravity bend yourself on the ground if you are a beginner take advantage of girl push-ups and if you are experienced then there is no relaxation for you to bend yourself according to a standard push-up position lower yourself on the ground but there is a single difference when you come up you have to clap and push yourself with real force then come back to starting position on your both hands.

Diamond Pushup

Have you ever seen a diamond Hey! Don’t worry it’s not about diamonds it’s just the shape of diamonds which can be observed easily if you have a facility of internet.

To complete this task bend yourself to the place you’re both hands-on on the ground unlike normal placement which is your hands at a width wider than your shoulders, make a shape of a diamond with your hands and balance yourself on your hands then perform standard push-ups. This type of push-up demands more strength from your body muscles and enhances your stamina.

Spiderman Pushups

Have you ever wanted to be a Spiderman in your childhood your dream came true girl well joking aside start normal pushups but when you raise yourself up, uplift one of your knees towards your elbow with your possible strength then push it back until you return to your starting position.

Elevated Pushup

After all of these simple push-ups now the time is to put some extra effort into the reverse version of push-ups which is elevated push-ups put your feet on a surface which is slightly higher than the normal surface and then perform these power-demanding push-ups.

Knuckle Pushups

Knuckles are not only for understanding which month will be of 31 days means not only for knuckle mnemonic but you can also perform push-ups on your knuckles. These pushups are performed with the help of your knuckles instead of your palms.


Benefits of pushups for chest
Benefits of pushups for chest

Incline Pushups

These push-ups are other than normal push-ups in this upper body is inclined and uplifted with an exercise box or any other soft equipment these push-ups are mainly for chest muscles and give strength to the chest as chest size varies according to genetics but exercise also has effective role to determine chest size.

Bend down and place your hands on the exercise box with fingers pointing forward and hands should be shoulder-width apart once you are settled at the perfect position putting your body in a straight line your head should be aligned with your spine set yourself on a plank position your back should not be bent.

Before starting the push up don’t look at the box look forward to helping you to keep your body aligned. Slightly lower your chest towards the exercise box by bending your arms then back to start pointing by straightening your arms.

Handstand Pushups

Huh! Now come to the most difficult type of pushups with your legs on the wall and your head on the ground but you can make it easy if you are doing it in a proper way.

 Put your hands 6-12 inches far away from the wall and moderately wider than shoulder-width apart.

Your palms are facing forward or slightly turned out 5-10 degrees.

Kick up into a handstand, while your heels are touching the wall. If you have trouble kicking up into the handstand.

Once you have propelled up, build a strong, firm midline position.

Maintain this position, bend towards the ground until your head touches the floor Try to keep your elbows at a 45-degree angle as you lower.

When your head touches the floor, press up with the same firmness you had lowering yourself, until your elbows gain full stretch.

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Keep in Mind

  • Always keep your back straight and engage your core
  • Gluteus Maximus should be down not uplifted.
  • Maintain a straight posture of your body while doing push-ups.
  • Firmly put your hands on the floor or mat this posture will protect your wrist.
  • Avoid fast push-ups because these may cause elbow injuries.



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